Deities of Jenmora


The Seed Bearer

Domains. Life
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Elysium)
Holy Symbol. Cornucopia

Basella is a soft-hearted goddess of fertility and harvest. She oversees growth and prosperity, bringing new life in the spring, and nourishment in autumn. Her priesthood serves both facets of her dominion – an acolyte of Basella will bless fields and cattle as well as perform weddings. Festivals devoted to her often devolve into wild orgies where food and wine flow freely.

Basella dwells in the blessed fields of Elysium, a euphoric realm of pastoral hills and gardens. Those who have good souls often end up here, welcomed into the open arms of the Seed Bearer.

When Basella appears to mortals, she usually takes the form of a voluptuous red-haired elf with flowering tresses.


The World Turtle

Domains. Nature
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Arcadia)
Holy Symbol. Turtle shell

Fespan is a slow, ponderous deity that holds dominion over the wild lands of the world. One of the greater deities, he rarely concerns himself with the fleeting and petty problems of mortals, though he is of good heart. He is tasked with supporting the world and binding it together, which requires most of his attention. Spiritual matters are usually conducted through his children, the island turtles.

Fespan holds dominion in Arcadia, a realm of vast and beautiful wilderness. He rarely stirs from his lake, only doing so to check on his children.

Fespan rarely appears to mortals. Of the few times he has, he uses his true form – that of a colossal dragon turtle.


The Earth Forger

Domains. Knowledge
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Hearthforge)
Holy Symbol. Blacksmith’s hammer

Heim is the industrious goddess of craft, artifice, invention, and manual skill. She is also the patron on dwarves and tinker gnomes, as they are particularly skilled in various crafts. She does not interact with mortals often, preferring to work in her volcanic forge. Legend has it that each day, she smiths new ore veins that are cast into the world.

Heim endlessly works in her fiery realm, Hearthforge, found deep within Mt. Celestia. Master artisans may find their way into her realm after death to assist her in crafting wonders beyond wonder for eternity.

Heim rarely appears to mortals, but when she does, she usually takes the form of a female dwarf, dressed in smith’s garb, with eyes that shine like fire.


The Bear Knight

Domains. War
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Valhalla)
Holy Symbol. Bear’s head inside a shield

Kodava is the stern goddess of honor and winter’s cold. She is the protector of the northern lands, as well as the patron of the Order of Seven.

Kodava’s realm is the wintry halls of Valhalla, where the greatest warriors spend their afterlife. In her domain, they train endlessly and keep vigilant for any threats to the gods. Because Kodava shares her realm with Lokdov, the two have an agreement of non-engagement, though the Bear Knight keeps a close eye on the great dragon.

When Kodava appears to mortals, she usually takes the form of a young but silver-haired woman carrying a heavy shield and a mantle of bear fur.


The Mother Vulture

Domains. Life, Light
Realm. Solarum
Holy Symbol. Bird inside of a sunburst

Koore, vulture goddess of the sun and shepherd of souls, rules as queen of the gods from her domain in the sun. She is loved by many, for she brings light to the world and cares deeply for the mortal races. In addition to her duties as queen of the gods, she also serves as the judge of wayward souls.

Upon death, a creature’s soul flies to Koore’s domain on feathered wings, where it is judged on the merits of its life. If deemed worthy, it passes on to the appropriate afterlife – however, if deemed unworthy, Koore sears its wings to ash, casting it back to the earth, where it remains trapped until it is found worthy of passing on.

When Koore appears to mortals, she usually takes the form of a statuesque, black-haired woman wearing a black cloak with a white, feathery collar.


Lord of the Skies

Domains. Tempest, War
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Valhalla)
Holy Symbol. Three concentric lightning bolts

Lokdov believes that it is he, not Koore, who should lead the gods, and deigns to one day hold that position. The lord of the sky and might, he bestows paltry blessings on those who follow his example as tyrants. Although he is not loved by mortal races, he is worshiped nonetheless as a great warrior among the gods – and a warrior who demands worship. Failure to show him proper respect can spell doom. He has a complicated relationship with Ogrus, who is sometimes his greatest rival and sometimes his closest ally.

Lokdov reluctantly shares Valhalla with Kodava. The two have maintained a tenuous truce since the last war among the gods, though Lokdov aspires to rule over Mt. Celestia in its entirety.

When Lokdov appears to mere mortals, he makes his full majesty known, taking his true form – that of an enormous storm dragon.

Monah and Lotah

The Wolves of Justice

Domains. Life, War
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Arcadia)
Holy Symbol. Two wolf heads encircling each other

Monah and Lotah are a mated pair that mete out justice on behalf of the gods. Monah spares the innocent and protects them, while Lotah punishes the guilty. The Wolves, like Kodava, are patrons of the Order of Seven. They are worshiped as a pair, for true justice finds balance. The priesthood is one of duality – women wear white vestments to emulate Monah, men wear black vestments to honor Lotah, and they work together as pairs (though not necessarily as mates).

The Wolves roam the wilds of Arcadia, keeping an eye on Lunvas to ensure his corruption does not spread.

The Wolves’ appearance when dealing with mortals depends on the nature of their dealings. When providing protection or guidance, they appear as wild middle-aged humans wearing wolf skins. When in pursuit of the guilty, they assume their true forms of dire wolves.


The Tusked Fury

Domains. War
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Carceri)
Holy Symbol. Disk with two tusks

Norn is the savage god of vengeance, retribution, and rage. He was once the god of fortitude and strength, and a great champion among the gods. During a war against the Demon Hordes, his beloved and children were tortured and slain. Whatever restraint he had snapped that day, and he became a raging force of retribution. When the battle had ended, his rage did not stop, forcing the gods to sequester him away until he could find peace.

Norn still continues to rage within the swamps of Carceri, having been locked away by the other gods for his own safety as well as theirs. Although it was at his request, the millennia spent in Carceri have led him to swear vengeance upon the other gods, believing they have abandoned him. Legend has it that Norn will finally be freed when he has found peace.

Because Norn is locked away in Carceri, he only appears to mortals in visions and dreams. When he does so, he often takes the form of a bloody orc warrior.


The Leviathan

Domains. Nature, Tempest
Realm. The Maelstrom
Holy Symbol. Cresting wave

Ogrus is the temperamental and capricious god of seas, storms, and fury. Mortals who venture out into his domain would do well to make a generous offering, lest the Leviathan send them to the darkened depths. When riled, he commands hurricanes, waterspouts, tidal waves, and whirlpools. His priests are found primarily in coastal settlements, but every city has at least a shrine devoted to him, to stay his fury. Ogrus is occasionally an ally and sometimes an enemy of Lokdov, and rages against Wuthon’s dominion of the deep reaches of the sea.

Ogrus does not reside on Mt. Celestia like the rest of the pantheon, but inside has a great castle of coral and stone at the heart of the Maelstrom, deep within the Darklight Ocean. Those he drags beneath the waves end up here, transformed into aquatic beings and enslaved into his service.

When Ogrus appears to mortals, he takes the form of a burly, battle-scarred man with bluish green hair, whose skin crackles with electricity.


The Mistress of Magic

Domains. Knowledge, Trickery
Realm. Mt. Celestia (Carceri)
Holy Symbol. Bird’s feather

Sona is the scheming goddess of magic and trickery. Wherever there is peace, Sona seeks to cause at least mischief, though her machinations often breed strife and malcontent. Enchanters and illusionists can easily win her favor, as well as thieves, cutthroats, and scoundrels. In her priesthood, you are just as likely to find scholars of the arcane as there are acolytes of the divine.

Sona has been punished by the rest of the pantheon for her misdeeds and trickery, being given reign over the murky bogs of Carceri. Although a journey to Carceri is typically one-way, the goddess of magic is able to fashion portals to the bogs of other realms, particularly the Feywild.

When Sona appears to mortals, she favors no typical form, but is usually female.


The Fiddler Crab

Domains. Light, Trickery
Realm. Unknown
Holy Symbol. Crab’s claw

Perhaps the tiniest of the gods, Taflir is the patron deity of mortal heroes. One of the few gods sympathetic to mortals, his workings often disrupt the plans of other, more powerful deities. He is particularly reviled by Lokdov.

Taflir seems to have no realm of his own, wandering the Natural World of his own accord. His travels take him to dangerous and unexpected places, usually to wherever his presence is needed most.

When Taflir appears to mortals, he always takes his true form – that of a simple blue fiddler crab. This allows him to provide his help unseen, protecting him from the watchful eyes of his enemies.

Deities of Jenmora

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