Order of the Seven

The Order of the Seven is a chivalrous order of knights dedicated to serving and protecting the peoples of the Allied Kingdoms.

The Order of the Seven operates in conjunction with local armies, militias, guards, and mercenaries to carry out their duties. A Knight of the Seven usually serves in a leadership capacity.

Motto. “Honor to our dying breath.”
Beliefs. The Order of the Seven’s beliefs can be summarized as follows:

  • Honor and justice are not just an ideal to fight for, but a way to live one’s life.
  • It is a knight’s duty to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
  • By living a virtuous and honorable life, a knight inspires others to a noble path.

Goals. Protect and serve the people of the Allied Kingdoms, providing relief aid, military protection against monsters, and stamping out injustice.


Requires 1 Renown and acceptance in the Order
The lowest rank within the Order. Squires serve higher-ranking knights, who teach them the ways of the Order and the codes of honor they follow.

Requires 3 Renown and passing the Trial of Honor
Full-fledged knights within the Order that carry out the orders decreed by ranking officers.
Duties. Follow the orders assigned by superior officers, uphold the codes of honor.

Requires 10 Renown and application for rank
Ranking officers within the Order that are appointed to lead battalions of knights and serve as regional commanders.
Duties. The knight is given officer rank, which requires running the day-to-day functions of a battalion of knights. The officer must also furnish regular reports of activity to the High Council.

Requires 25 Renown and being voted onto the High Council
Councillors serve on the High Council of the order, voting on policies and measures that affect both practical and philosophical topics.
Duties. Serve on the High Council, voting on measures, bylaws, and courses of action that the Order as a whole will take. Supports and enacts the decisions made by the Grand Marshal.

Grand Marshal
Requires 50 Renown and being voted by the High Council
The Grand Marshal is the commander in chief of the Order of the Seven, serving as both the executive military and spiritual leader. As such, only the most devout, decorated, and honorable knights are called to service as the Grand Marshal.
Duties. Coordinate meetings between lords and kings, oversee the functions of the Order, serving as the military and spiritual leader of the faction.

Order of the Seven

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