The Trentguard

The Trentguard is a loose organization of individuals devoted to the preservation and advancement of the natural world. It is a faction that transcends political boundaries, for wilderness is present everywhere.

The Trentguard operates mainly through small guilds and individuals, each reporting in on their activities at the annual Trentmeet.

Motto. “The world is our home. We will defend it to our last breath.”
Beliefs. The Trentguard’s beliefs can be summarized as follows:

  • Nature is a wondrous thing to be preserved and protected. Civilization should leave sufficient space for the wilds, and live in harmony with them.
  • Otherworldly powers are a threat to the natural beauty of the world and must be guarded against.
  • Showing proper respect and reverence to primal spirits makes the world more beautiful.

Goals. Protect and preserve the natural beauty of wild lands, and guard against otherworldly threats to them.


Requires 1 Renown
The lowest rank within the Trentguard. Members of this rank are granted access to guild halls and any safe houses in the wild.

Requires 3 Renown and sponsorship of higher-ranking member
Summerstriders are the official agents of the Trentguard, acting as the eyes and ears of the organization. When a quest is needed to be undertaken, summerstriders are usually sent to complete the task.
Duties. Must undertake minor quests requested by higher ranking members.

Requires 10 Renown and sponsorship of higher-ranking member
Autumnreavers are local guild masters, leading groups of other members of the Trentguard and reporting any news during the Trentmeet.
Duties. The member is entrusted with an area to watch over and protect. In addition, Autumnreavers are expected to report any news in person or via proxy at Trentmeets.

Requires 25 Renown and sponsorship of higher-ranking member
Winterstalkers are true champions of the Trentguard, going forth into the world when a dire threat appears. They are rarely seen outside of Trentmeets.
Duties. Must undertake major quests requested by the Master of the Wilds, as well as being vigilant for any dire threats.

Master of the Wilds
Requires 50 Renown and appointment by previous Master
The Master of the Wilds is the leader of the Trentguard, presiding over all matters that affect the faction as a whole. Because of the global nature of the faction, the Master of the Wilds often spends a great deal of time meeting with political leaders to discuss matters of import.
Duties. Coordinate meetings between lords and kings, oversee the planning and running of Trentmeets, serving as the official leader of the Trentguard.

The Trentguard

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