An island kingdom plagued by rain and fog, and cursed with monsters that roam the night. Twillin has a navy that rates second to none, and is known for producing the best ships.


Government Type. Matriarchal hereditary monarchy.
Leader. Twillin is ruled by Queen Lillian, who holds court in Twillderry Gardens.
Capitol. Darbyshire.


Goods. Northern fish, ships, wool

Notable Locations

Darbyshire. Once a small hamlet, its proximity to bountiful fishing grounds and iron mines led it to grow into a small city. At the heart of the city is Twillderry Gardens.
The Dark Glade. A particularly dense forest of old, warped oak trees. Legend has it that the forest is cursed – some say it is connected to dark realms of the Feywild, while others claim a dreadful vampire dwells at its heart. Few who enter the Glade live to tell the tale.
The Howling Moors. Swampy forest covers much of the island, but grows dangerously thick in this area. Those who venture into these moors risk being attacked by werewolves.
Tillsbury. A coastal town that is widely known for its shipyards, and serves as a haven for traveling sailors.


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