Cosmology of Jenmora

The Natural World

Also known as the Material Plane, this is the realm the characters inhabit, and serves as the nexus of the other realms.

The Material Echoes

The Wylderlands
The Wylderlands is an echo of the Natural World, one of unspoiled wilderness and pervasive magic. It is the realm of fey creatures and primal spirits, with faerie courts weaving complex political intrigues while ancient nature spirits dwell in primeval lands.

The Shadowfell
The Shadowfell is a dark echo of the Natural World, a bleak and foreboding landscape that breeds dread and despair. It is the realm of the unworthy dead, populated by the shades of those who were neither rewarded nor punished for their deeds in life.

The Transitive Planes

The Astral Sea
A wondrous empty sea filled with colorful swirling energies and twinkling lights. Few creatures actually inhabit this timeless realm, save for those projecting their consciousness to other planes.

The Elemental Chaos

The elemental realm of water, Atalantia is an endless ocean dotted with islands and abyssal depths. It is home to all manner of aquatic creatures, particularly leviathans and marids. Atalantia borders Tempestra at the Frostfell and Cavernus at the Swamp of Oblivion.

The elemental realm of earth consists of chains of mountains and hills filled with subterranean caverns and glittering depths. It is home to earthen creatures and the dao. Cavernus borders Atalantia at the Swamp of Oblivion and Emberholm at the Fountains of Creation.

The elemental realm of fire, Emberholm is filled with volcanic ridges, magma fields, and plains of obsidian and ash. The scorching plane is home to creatures accustomed to such extreme heat, such as the efreet. Emberholm borders Cavernus at the Fountains of Creation and Tempestra at the Great Conflagration.

The Fountains of Creation
A violently active range of volcanoes, lava tubes, and magma flows that form the border between Cavernus and Emberholm. The efreet occasionally creates forges in this realm.

The Frostfell
A seemingly endless glacier swept by constant, raging blizzards that is formed at the border of Atalantia and Tempestra. Frozen caverns twist through the depths of the glacier, providing lairs for arctic creatures.

The Great Conflagration
This massive cloud of smoke and ash forms the border between Emberholm and Tempestra. The smoke and ash obscure sight beyond a few dozen feet, and battering winds make travel difficult.

The Swamp of Oblivion
A horrid swamp of twisted trees and stinging vines growing from dense muck and slime, serving as the border between Cavernus and Atalantia. Stagnant lakes and thickets of weeds are common here. There is no solid ground found anywhere here, so any structures or plant life are eventually devoured by the swamp.

This elemental realm of air is a vast, open expanse of winds and cloud kingdoms. Creatures of elemental air and djinni call this realm home. Tempestra borders Atalantia at the Frostfell and Emberholm at the Great Conflagration.

Cosmology of Jenmora

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