A pastoral kingdom, Dremenot is known for its plentiful farmlands and livestock. However, Dremenot is best known for its beers and ales.


Government Type. Hereditary monarchy.
Leader. Dremenot is ruled by King Verner from his seat in Hildevitz.
Capitol. Hildevitz.


Goods. Agricultural goods, beer, livestock

Notable Locations

The Fool’s Dungeon. A series of vaults originally built by the Thieves’ Guild of Bronnar to serve as a test for prospective members. It was deemed to dangerous by the king and queen, and has fallen into disrepair.
Hearthwinter. Second largest city in Dremenot, and largest economic center in the northern part of the kingdom. Despite being fairly northern, its climate is kept mild by a regional volcano.
Hildevitz. The capitol city surrounding Castle Verner, and economic center of Dremenot.
Phandalin. Small, unassuming village where most of our heroes’ adventures have taken place.
Wave Echo Mines. An elaborate mining complex noted for its surging water. It houses the refurbished Forge of Spells.


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