A large trade city in northern Dremenot, Hearthwinter avoids the harsh climate of neighboring Winterholme due to elemental activity.

Race Relations

Several races can be found here, and as a mercantile city, they get along fairly well. Forlorn are offered some rights within the city as traveling merchants.

Ruler’s Status

Lord Hansell presides over Hearthwinter. He is widely respected among the kingdoms as a fair and just ruler, bringing Hearthwinter into an age of prosperity.

Notable Traits

As a coastal city, Hearthwinter features an extensive canal system instead of streets. The canals are fed by the warm waters flowing through the region. Most buildings in Hearthwinter have rope ladders and floating docks to accommodate the rise and fall of the tide.


Due to its wealth and prosperity, even the common folk of Hearthwinter live well and have some amount of leisure. Exotic items and indulgences are commonplace here, lending a decadent atmosphere to the city.


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